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  • The American Watch Association WASHINGTON CONCLAVE on June 19th in Washington, D.C. The Conclave will include: (1) CITES seminar and (2) Visits to meet your representatives in Congress.

  • The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on August 22 issued final rules on compliance with the Dodd-Frank Act "conflict minerals" reporting requirements regarding gold, tin and other minerals originating in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The AWA has provided its member companies with legal advice concerning reporting exemptions for companies and retailers that play no part in the manufacture of a product containing conflict minerals.

  • Watch Tariff Conversion - AWA is opposing H.R. 5750 that would alter tariff provisions, resulting in an increase in duties on certain quartz analog watches imported by our member companies.

  • LIFO – AWA works with a coalition of companies to preserve the last-in, first-out inventory accounting method, opposing efforts by the Obama Administration to end it.

  • Gray market litigation - AWA is monitoring actions in a new gray market case before the Supreme Court challenging the “first sale” doctrine. AWA filed an amicus curiae brief in Costco v. Omega where the Court split 4-4 and sustained the appellate court’s holding for Omega against gray-market watch imports.

  • Counterfeit Watches -- Look for Joe Thompson's article in the January-February issue of Watch Time about AWA's role in supporting watch brands' fight against fakes.

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AWA’s War Against IP Fraud

A message from the Board of Directors

The watch industry is waging war against counterfeit watch products that erode consumer confidence and hurt our businesses. Counterfeiting is a serious crime. It attacks brand equity - - the investments that watch companies make in product innovation, research and development, design, marketing and advertising, service and quality assurance, and so many other efforts. But counterfeiting also attacks the investment that consumers make in their purchase of an authentic, quality timepiece. Moreover, counterfeits hurt the American economy, stealing jobs from U.S. workers and threatening the livelihood of small businesses.

The American Watch Association is leading the fight against intellectual property piracy. Working with our member companies, AWA has played a major part in enacting legislation and regulations to make counterfeiting a criminal felony and to impose substantial penalties on those who traffic in counterfeit watches.

But, the fight continues…

The 10 evils of counterfeit watches

Gray market watches: A bad deal

Our Mission

AWA provides its members with exclusive legal advice:

  • To minimize the regulatory and tax costs stemming from government regulations.
  • To promote a marketplace for watches free of unwarranted government obstacles.
  • To defend the intellectual property rights of member watch companies through strong trademark, copyright and patent laws.

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Why Join?

AWA members receive legal and lobbying benefits whose value exceeds the costs of annual dues. For instance, AWA member companies have access to formal legal opinions from our attorneys at the blue-chip Washington law firm Covington & Burling, providing a compelling legal basis for exemptions from onerous Federal regulations concerning hazardous materials rules.

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